Experienced, committed and intuitively I support your development to an agile organization

Experienced, committed and intuitively I support your development to an agile organization

Integral organizational development

and learning journey


Integral organizational development

From hierarchy to network

Agile organizations are defined by:

  • Clear, common goals and lived values
  • Focus on value-adding activities
  • Growth Mindset: assume change and development
  • Shared leadership through personal responsibility
  • Entrepreneurial thinking at all levels
  • Fluid network structures
  • Strong customer engagement and alignment

The commitment to a transformation from a hierarchical to an agile network organization requires the development of new structures, agile leadership approaches and new work concepts. Above all, it requires a change in personal attitudes, a paradigm shift and adoption of new behaviors.  

The right framing

Through conversations, coaching sessions and workshops, I will work with you to determine the changes you are aiming for and how to implement them. To do this, we clarify your vision, motivations, requirements and success factors. I support you in addressing fears and resistance while helping to facilitate the change process in the organization. Together we formulate new working principles as well as terms and conditions. They are the basis for new behaviors and ways of thinking. 

Self-organization and learning support

Selected teams will be accompanied during the implementation of agreed leadership models. In addition, value-adding and customer-oriented structures, processes, roles, interfaces, tools, systems will be developed, tested and adapted in an iterative process. I will provide the teams on the job training in agile methods and practices, support them in developing competencies and skills, and assist individuals and teams as a coach and consultant. 


With a integral understanding and a holistic approach, I accompany you through all the transformational stages to create your meaningful and agile working environment.

Focus of the support process

Clarify goals and motivations

Determine success factors and priorities

Review defined and lived / aspirational values

Defining conditions for the transformation

Agree a foundation for the new work culture

Design organizational structures

Develope of initial measures

Introduce agile methods and tools

Test self-organizing teams and adapted leadership

Facilitate between different perspectives during conflicts

Training and learning journey

Experiencing new-work concepts and agile leadership

Firsthand experience in a safe learning environment reduces fears and resistance, enables a playful approach, and brings lasting change. In all trainings, workshops or team meetings, new approaches, skills and competencies are cognitively and emotionally experienced, supporting the transition into everyday work.

Goal: learning and developing with joy and curiosity from and with each other.

The development into an agile organization is associated with challenges for all managers and employees. Agile working and thinking can be learned through experience.

Leaders reflect on their leadership characteristics and development opportunities. They learn to define clear goals and the framework for delegation of responsibility and self-organization. They expand their leadership competencies and are able to promote and support teams as coaches.

Employees and leaders enhance competencies in communication and collaboration. They learn how to test and adapt agile behaviors and methods in everyday work.

Learning and training formats – selection (also online)

Dealing confidently and competently with complexity and uncertainty

Role and attitude of the leader in an agile environment

First steps towards self-organization

Conscious (self-) leadership

Delegating on equal terms

Setting the foundation for self-organization

Agile methods for everyday work

Recognizing and resolving conflicts and tensions

Individual coaching

Your direct path to clarity and development

Through coaching, I offer you the opportunity to deal with personal challenges in a safe environment. Your motivations for coaching might be:

  • Clarification of goals and motivations
  • Developing options for action
  • Capture and reduce anxiety
  • Making decisions
  • Reflecting on one’s own and others’ behaviors
  • Resolving conflicts and crisis

I will support you as a sparring partner and “catalyst”.

After a few appointments, online or on-site, you will have answers and concrete solutions. 

Coaching occasions

Developing visions and steps for implementation

Expanding leadership skills

Matching self-image / external image

Solving conflicts and problem situations

Preparing for a new role, tasks and functions

Dealing calmly with stress and uncertainties

Professional reorientation

Developing options for action and solutions


Following reorganizations and redefining of tasks, the team development exercises and workshops helped to develope trust and reduce fears. There was a stronger emphasis on the idea of service as well as bringing the team closer together. Right from the start, the whole team could immediately sense a very positive atmosphere in the room thanks to Vera Farag.

The team development exercises brought us closer together and the days spent together had impact on everyday life. Mutual understanding increased, distances became shorter as a result, and the idea of service was effectively strengthened. This point in particular was a complete success. (translated from German)

Brigitte Normann-Timpe

Head of Personnel Services Department, GAG Immobilien AG

Vera Farag accompanied a resilience and mindfulness project that was very important for our company. Here, she distinguished herself through her many years of experience in change management, her intuition for the current company situation and her special empathy in the workshops and discussion rounds with our employees. 

The preparation, monitoring and follow-up of the project always took place on a very empathetic level and made it easy to jointly prepare and work out sometimes difficult topics. (translated from German)

Torsten Setzer

Manager OSH, ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge GmbH

In our coaching, Vera Farag distinguished herself as an attentive, active and empathic listener. Through structured and clear questioning, individual topics were well elaborated. This made it possible to jointly determine the right course of action for my further professional orientation. Based on the strategic interviewing approach that was developed, I was able to achieve my goals in a personnel interview with the executive board. (translated from German)

Jörg Brinkmann

Cooperation partners (selection)

Depending on the scope and focus, I have been working with esteemed and experienced partners for years to ensure that you always have the right team at your side. 


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